Whether upgrading for better insulation, or improving the aesthetics of a property, we have been designing, building and installing doors and windows for decades.

From standard-fit products to bespoke designs, we manufacture orders exactly to specifications. Our expert fitters will then complete installation and ensure a perfect finish.

As qualified specialists of doors and windows, we have the full technical knowledge and the expertise to achieve any look or finish.

We offer all the latest glazing products including Pyroshield, Pyrostop, Pyrodur and Optiphon.

Our Optiphon range is recommended for preventing unwanted noise penetration from trains, music, neighbours or animals. It is also ideal for noise-sensitive indoor facilities like lecture halls, auditoriums or hospitals. In addition to insulated double-glazed units, we also install fire-rated glazed doors and windows.

Bespoke Joinery

Our bespoke joinery workshop allows us to create bespoke doors and windows for the exact dimension and design of any project.

From regulation fire doors to balcony windows our skilled joiners and carpenters can manufacture and install any door or window.

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